About Us

PearlPoint Cancer Support is a nonprofit public charity committed to improving the lives of adults impacted by cancer, as well as promoting cancer awareness, education and access to clinical research. Our mission is to create a more confident cancer journey for adults anytime, anywhere.

We provide free personalized information and guidance to any adult impacted by cancer. Whether you are personally facing cancer, or are a family member, friend, or healthcare provider of someone who is, we’re here to offer practical information, education, and tips from the moment of diagnosis. With extensive and helpful content such as:

  • a mobile app (check out photo and link below) providing practical tips for managing side effects during treatment
  • practical, educational articles and videos about cancer
  • information about clinical trials and an easy-to-use clinical trial locator
  • cancer-specific nutrition guidance and tips for side effects management
  • resources for practical, financial, and emotional questions 
  • tools to track personalized information

Everything is free of charge and regardless of treatment facility. We complement cancer treatment by assisting people in navigating their way through a cancer diagnosis and positively influencing their quality of life from the moment of diagnosis with practical information and tips. My PearlPoint is filled with a variety of resources that are medically vetted and easy to understand so that all adults impacted by cancer can get quality information to encourage them throughout their unique cancer journeys.


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