Emotional Support Programs


A cancer diagnosis can make you feel anxious and depressed. This is normal. It may help to talk to someone. It can be especially helpful to connect with other survivors. You are not alone in your fight. You may find it helpful and inspirational to hear others’ stories. You may also be able to help someone else by sharing your story. Here is some information about available emotional support:

  • Support groups

    • Connects you with a group of people in a similar situation
    • Support groups meet on a regular basis.
    • Support groups meet online, over the phone, or face-to-face.
    • Ask your healthcare team about local support groups.
    • Licensed social workers or other medical professionals facilitate most support groups.
    • Support groups can be for current cancer patients, survivors, or family members.
    • Some groups are defined by diagnosis, age, or sex.
    • A support group is meant to help you through your cancer journey.  The first support group you go to may not be the right fit for you. If you do not enjoy the first group, try another.
    • Where can you find support groups?
  • Connect  with a Fellow Survivor

    • One-on-one partnering programs will match you with a fellow cancer survivor. This person may have a similar diagnosis and may be finished with treatment.
    • These allow for a more personal connection.
    • Most programs are for family members as well as patients.
    • Usually these programs are run through phone or email.
    • How can you connect with a fellow survivor?
  • Individual Counseling from a Medical Professional

    • If you find it difficult to function in your daily life because of anxiety or depression, you may need individual counseling from a medical professional.
      • Ask your healthcare team for a recommendation.
      • Visit Cancer Care for more information.
      • For further assistance, email guidance@pearlpoint.org.
  • Share Your Story

    • Many cancer survivors find it cathartic to share their stories. It helps them give back to others going through a similar experience.
      • If you are interested in sharing your story with other cancer survivors, please visit Share Your Story.
      • To read inspiring stories from our past clients, check out our past Journals Of Hope

If you need assistance finding emotional support, call the Supportive Services Team at PearlPoint Cancer Support at (877) 467-1936 X101 or use the LiveChat function at the bottom, right corner of your screen.