Young Adults and Cancer: Financial Assistance

Cancer puts a strain on all areas of your life. This includes your bank account. Besides paying for doctors’ visits and medication, you still have to pay for all your basic needs such as food, rent, and gas.

As a young adult, it may be difficult to make ends meet, especially when doing cancer treatment. The following organizations provide financial assistance for young adult cancer survivors:

  • The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund

    • Helps with costs not covered by insurance such as co-pays, rent, transportation, and groceries
    • Open to all cancer patients ages 18-40 in active treatment.
  • The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults

    • Provides scholarships for continuing education for young adults affected by cancer
  • The SAMFund

  • The National Collegiate Cancer Foundation

  • Tigerlily Foundation’s Funds for Families

  • The Pink Daisy Project

    • Provides gift cards for groceries, restaurants, and gas for breast cancer patients under 45 within three months of treatment
  • Meredith’s Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation

    • Provides financial assistance to colon cancer patients under 40
    • Patients must be referred by a social worker or other qualified professional. PearlPoint’s cancer supportive services team can help you with this referral.
  • Sharing Hope Financial Assistance Program

    • Provides guidance for women and men whose cancer treatments may cause infertility
    • The Sharing Hope financial assistance program does not provide funding to patients, but instead works with companies and clinics to provide discounted services.
    • The Sharing Hope program has very specific eligibility. Visit the website listed below to find out if you are eligible. 

For up to date information on each of these programs and to check your eligibility, please visit their individual websites.

If you are a young adult cancer survivor, call us at PearlPoint Cancer Support. PearlPoint does not directly provide any financial assistance, but our Cancer Support Professionals can discuss your options and eligibility for other financial assistance programs.

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