Personalized guidance when you need it

A cancer diagnosis brings with it a lot of new concerns. Your medical team will use words that may be new to you. They will discuss unfamiliar drugs and procedures.

We are here to help.

Our Cancer Library gives you the support you need to learn the “language of cancer.” The library includes:

  • A glossary of all the words you need to know
  • Videos and articles from cancer professionals
  • Real stories from survivors and caregivers, both in video and print
  • Articles about specific cancer types
  • Tips that help make your journey easier
  • Nutrition tips and ways to help with side effects
  • Lists of considerations to discuss with your doctor
  • Links to other helpful cancer resources

By sharing some basic information, you can create a personalized “dashboard.”

The dashboard will allow you to save the helpful information you find in the Cancer Library. You can also keep a journal and track your cancer journey. It's easy to get started. Just click the blue button below and we will walk you through the steps to getting personalized information.


You may also choose to search our Cancer Library anonymously; click the yellow button below to get more general information.

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